A 25% deposit is required to make a reservation.  Deposit becomes nonrefundable 14 days prior to your trip, if we have to cancel then you will receive a full refund. The balance is due 7 days prior to your arrival.  Payment is accepted via PayPal or cashier’s check.  Cost will vary based on where you are going and how many Sherpas you need.  A separate reservation is required if you would like us to retrieve your gear at the end of your trip.  Contact us for detailed information.


$250 1st Sherpa/Wrangler per day    

$150 each additional Sherpa per day

Some trips may require a fuel surcharge.                                                                         

 Before You Arrive

Our pack string can carry up to 500 pounds of gear per trip.  Know the total weight of your food and equipment when you make your reservation.  This will determine how many Sherpas are needed.  We do not carry contraband, electronics, or glass containers.

 Gettin’r Done

We will meet at the trailhead where, together, we will inventory all gear to be carried by your Sherpas. You will then mosey up the trail while we load up the animals and follow behind.  We will rendezvous at a pre-arranged camping destination where we will deliver your gear, leave you to your adventure, then high tail it back to the barn. If you want us to do a multi-day trip for you, give us a shout & we'll discuss it. Or, if you need help planning your trip, we are happy to do so.


Possible destinations include Excelsior Peak & beyond, Hannegan Pass & beyond, Skyline Divide, Schreibers Meadows, Park Butte, Mazama Hut, East Bank (Baker Lake), PCT, Josephine Lake, Goat Peak, Lilly & Lizard lakes, or any stock trail in the Mt. Baker& Darrington Ranger Districts. We will be operating in this district from July 1-Oct 31. Josephine Lakes will be possible as soon as the snow melts & the trail is logged out. Lilly & Lizard Lakes are available year round.


Very Important

You are responsible for water proofing your own gear & most important, you are responsible for your own actions while in the backcountry.  Utilizing the "Leave No Trace" principles & animal-proofing your supplies is a very good idea.  

 For more information write us on the contact link, contact Monica at (360) 303-5647, or email