Monica has worked for a mountaineering guide company and knows how tiring it can be to carry a heavy load on your back and how you have more energy when that load is carried for you. She has years of volunteer packing experience with various trail crews throughout the North Cascades as well as many of her own pleasure and hunt trips. The safety of her animals as well as the loads they are carrying is of the utmost importance to her.

Monica has been involved with horses and the outdoors since she was a kid and her love for animals and nature has always been a strong focus in her life. She has volunteered with inner city at-risk youth groups sharing with them the joys of being in the mountains and has witnessed the dramatic change it creates in them.  Her enthusiasm for getting people into the backcountry is fueled by witnessing this joy. 

 She looks forward to the opportunity of helping others fulfill their dreams of camping in the backcountry and waking up to the most amazing views imaginable.

Along with her enthusiasm for the outdoors, Monica also has a profound love for equines and wants to provide them with the best possible care she can and became a Certified Equine Structural Integration Practitioner. She is more than proficient in Equine Structural Integration and has transformed the lives of many horses and mules.