I have been involved with horses since before I could walk & the outdoors, soon after. My love for animals & nature has always been a strong focus in my life. I have traveled & lived many other places in the world but my heart feels most at home in the North Cascades. I have volunteered with "at-risk" youth groups teaching them the joys of being in the mountains & have witnessed the dramatic change it creates in them when they are given the chance to be a part of the beauty of nature. My enthusiasm for getting people into the backcountry is fueled by this joy I have witnessed.

I have also worked for a mountaineering guide company & know how tiring it can be to carry a heavy load on your back & how much more energy you have when that load is carried for you. I have years of volunteer packing experience with various trail crews throughout the North Cascades & the safety of my animals as well as the loads they are carrying is of the utmost importance. I look forward to the opportunity of helping others fulfill their dreams of camping in the backcountry & waking up to the most amazing views imaginable.